4 reasons why you should get some dominican avocados from us

We have one of the best flavor of the world
Our avocado is very appreciated in the world market for it's soft consistency, exquisite flavor, high nutritional value and wide possibilities of use.
We have avocados the whole year
In Dominican Republic, early varieties are harvested from July to October and late varieties are harvested from November to March. Due to our climate we can have production all year round.
We have many delicious varieties native to the Dominican Republic
Avocado, is the fruit of the avocado tree or American Persea and, to the sight, it is appreciated with a green and soft pulp, whose size in length usually exceeds 10 cm. We have several native varieties of our country and also others marketed worldwide.
We love avocados and we take care of them from the land to your hand
At Frunited we take our reputation with our customers and suppliers very seriously, making sure to maintain the quality and effectiveness controls in each step of the processes. We supervise the fruit from the farm to receive it with the client in the port of destination.


Get a sample of our fruit in 5 days